(Will you please share this on your social networks so I can continue my search for the angel who helped my family that dreadful night).
I want to thank you!  You are out there somewhere in this big world of ours.   You know who you are and what you did for me and my family.  I will NEVER forget you.   You were the taxi driver who worked in Glendale AZ back in the 90’s who picked up my family and brought us to safety.  Someone knows you……you’ve shared my night with others because you went around collecting clothes, shoes and diapers from your friends to give to us at the hotel.   You spent your nights wages buying food for us.  
Please help me find you……I just want to tell you how much you have changed my life.  You………are an angel! 
Teresa Hamilton
Chapter 12……..The Power of Addicted Love
Key Features In The Power Of Addicted Love, Chapter 12
 Guardian Angel:
•Still Living On Handouts,
•Shattered Plate On Head
•Fighting Calmed Down
•Kicked Out Without Clothes/Purse
•Police Couldn’t Help
•Shelter Closed
•Angel Drives A Cab
•Teresa Returned?  
Imagine being on the street without an I.D. and few clothes on your back…no help…no place to sleep…no money…no food…5 kids. Imagine going back to the person who did this to you.
You’ve just imagined codependency.

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