EXCERPT FROM MY BOOK – The Power of Addicted Love
Outside the house, I heard an all too familiar sound.  The car door had slammed. It was that all too familiar “slam” that made me cringe.  I knew in an instant the man who was about to walk through the front door was not the same sober man who left earlier that day. 
As Greg stumbled up the driveway to the sidewalk, I could hear the sound of his… feet shuffling.  God, I didn’t want to go through this again.  Why can’t he just stay at a friend’s house and sleep it off?  Why does he constantly have to come home intoxicated, making a fool of himself?
As he approached the door, no one ran to greet him.  Even the girls learned that being around a drunk was no fun.  Greg walked into the kitchen and wanted my attention.  I…

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Author: The Power of Addicted Love
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